Saturday, February 17, 2018

Easter Egg-Shaped Boxes

Easter is not that far away and I have so many Easter Egg-Shaped boxes to make for each of my grand children.  I love making boxes and adding gorgeous patterned paper, embellishments and handmade flowers.  I add jewelry, chocolates and other gifts inside each box.  I couldn't find a tutorial on how to make an Easter Egg box so I made one for you and tried to simplify the steps plus add as many pictures for examples and help explain the written instructions.  
I have two Easter Egg boxes.  The top Easter Egg measures 7" high and the egg below measures 6" in height.  
Wild Rose Studio Easter Bunny and Heartfelt Creations Classic Rose flower handmade with foamiran

Supplies for Basic Egg Shaped Box:
Heavy white cardstock around 110 lbs weight cardstock for the box frame. Tape, Hot glue gun and glue, Egg Template shown on Instruction, egg shape die sets or trace another, egg box

Optional After Frame is Made for Decorating Egg Shaped Box:  

Step-By-Step Instructions on making a egg-shaped box with photos, click HERE.  

So I hope I have inspired you to make egg-shaped box with the adorable Wild Rose Studio Easter Bunny stamp along with the gorgeous Heartfelt Creations Flowering Dogwood paper, dies and stamp sets.  You can purchase these dies and supplies from The Rubber Buggy on-line store.
Enjoy and Happy Crafting!

Nancy Hill
The Rubber Buggy Design Team


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