Thursday, June 27, 2013

Handmade notecard holder

Hi crafty friends.  I've been thinking a lot about a friend of mine who has shared some struggles lately and I feel so out of touch with her.  For that I decided to send her a little notecard holder & collection.  Although I do not have the inside cards done I have decorated the outside with Hello Pastel from Prima and some flowers to make a beautiful cover for her notecards that I will be sending her.  I am also showcasing this as my Rubber Buggy dt project of the week for Thursday.  

It's super fun and easy to make here are the instructions and what you will need:

12 x 12 paper

1.  Fold a 12 x 12 piece of paper in half one way from left to right.
2.  Then fold the paper up from the bottom only half way forming a
folder style fold.  Adhere the far left side and only the far right side so that 
you can still tuck your notecards down in the center on each side; just like
a school file folder.
3.  Attach ribbon to the back in the middle of the back; halfway down.
4.  Bring and attach the ribbon at the front again halfway down to create a
ribbon enclosure.
5.  Cover the front and embellish...that is all ...simple & your'e done with the front.

After you do all this then you have a folder that you can insert notecards into for a 
very nicely crafted handmade gift.

Thanks so much for watching ~Kelly


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