Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Pi here on Christmas eve with another Christmas card, this may not be the most decorated but it has a different feature I wanted to give a try.

It's called a never ending folding card and if you search on youtube there are plenty of tutorials out there.You can keep on opening this card forever:)

It's so clever you only use 2 sheets of 6x6 design paper and since you'll be able to see both sides it's perfect for those double sided design papers. I made it harder for myself then it need to be, I tried to make it possible to fold the other way as well without looking backwards, I managed in some places. But next time I'll just give it a rest:)

First fold
Folded backwards

Another fold
Here's the back of the card, I've stamped the snowflakes so you
also can fold it the opposite way and still don't look backwards
I was challenged to decorate it since you can't embellish it to much for it to stay able to fold properly. So like I said, I'll give this a go again:)

Thanks for visiting!!!
Have a holly-jolly Christmas!!


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